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Entrust the aesthetics of your photos to our AI

We use several neural networks to help you take and find the most attractive shots.

The assessment is equal to the average of several opinions of professional photographers

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Let our AI camera do all the work for you

Drag the photos to experience the shooting process with our camera
iPhone-X 24% Bad

From now on AestheticCam becomes your professional photography mentor.

During the shooting we assess every single frame and display the assessment for you.

We will let you know when the angle is the best and can even make a photo for you, just that you can enjoy the shooting process

Find the best ones among photos from your library

Can’t choose which photo to share?

Now you don’t need to ask your friends. Just load all the photos from library and we will sort them by the aesthetic attractiveness.

After you are able to share any of them directly to your social networks.

The assessment is relative. (Photos are compared to each other)

Assessment: 100%

Assessment: 100%

Assessment: 63%

Assessment: 63%

Assessment: 0%

Assessment: 0%


How does our algorithm work?

We have started with collecting a large dataset of different shots that further were evaluated by the team of photo shooting professionals.

After we conducted a research and trained several neural networks on the received dataset. The AI has been taught all the good patterns the photo shooting professional suppose to be aesthetic and beautiful.

Product features

We are great at what we do
Autoshot icon


The camera can automatically shot when it finds the best angle.

Change threshold value icon

Change threshold value

You can choose an assessment once an automatic shot is done.

Skyline helper icon

Skyline helper

AI automatically detects landscape scenes and proposes an area for the skyline in order to get the best angle.

Share easily icon

Share easily

After assessing photos from the library, simply tap the button and share the best ones to your social networks.


Can I use the application only on iPhone?

Yes, at this moment we provide only iOS application version, but we are building the Android one as well. Stay tuned.

How to get the best experience out of the application?

We highly recommend to follow the instructions provided in the app, at any moment you can check extended ones or get in touch with our support team directly.

How does the assessment works?

We are glad to explain it in the “How does our algorithm work?” section.

Can I somehow change the assessment manually?

Currently we suppose the assessment to equal the averaged evaluation of a number of photo industry professionals. However, we are working on the algorithm that allows adjusting the assessment according to your preferences.

Can I turn off the automatic photo shooting?

Sure, you can turn it off in the settings.

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